Le respect du règlement suivant est absolument obligatoire. A défaut, nous serons contraints de ne pas laisser plus que rester.

PREAMBLE The Guest House VILLA VITTORIA is, first of all, the private residence of Mrs. PISANO; as such, our home requires its guests (we specify, not customers, but guests) the same respect for their homes and for those of their friends and relatives. As such, moreover, the rules to be observed are not only those established by the law, but, more simply, are dictated by common sense and mutual respect. As the owner of the house gives you the keys to your home, please close the entrance gate every time you enter and exit.

(Art.1) ARRIVAL At the time of arrival each guest must give the cardholders a valid identity document for the registrations required by current legislation. Failure to comply with this obligation constitutes a violation of the provisions of the Criminal Code on our part towards the Public Safety Authorities in the event of any controls, therefore, persons without a document will not be accepted. The data of our guests are treated in accordance with current privacy legislation. The rooms will be available from 15.00, if the room was ready before the check-in time will be assigned immediately, otherwise you can leave the baggage with us.

(Art.2) DEPARTURE On the day of departure you can leave your baggage in custody with us until 6.00 pm, beyond this time you may not find anyone waiting for you. The room must be left no later than 11.00am to allow adequate final cleaning of the premises. A delay will result in an additional night’s charge. On the day of departure, the keys to the entrance gate and the room will be returned. If, on the day of your departure (check out), you plan to leave before 8.00am, please kindly inform us the day before.

(Art.3) BEHAVIORAL RULES At any time, within the structure, behaviors, activities, games and use of equipment that cause disturbance to other guests must be avoided. Adults are responsible for the behavior of minors entrusted to them. It must always be maintained behavior that at no time of day and in no way damage the tranquility of others. Please note that guests are not required to answer the bell or telephone. Please do not slam the doors but to accompany them, if you come home late please close the entrance gate slowly and close the door of your room gently so as not to disturb those already sleeping.

(Art.4) ROOMS AND HYGIENIC SERVICES Rooms are simply furnished. Although not of great value, such furnishings are “family goods” and deserve all possible respect. Any damage caused to furniture, furnishings or equipment will be appropriately assessed with the owners of the financial year for the relative reimbursement. Our rooms all have a private bathroom in the room, for the production of hot water, water heaters are used, therefore, avoid unnecessary waste. Inside the bedroom or bathroom you will find everything you need: blankets, pillows, towels, personal hygiene products, etc. It is forbidden to bring outside anything in the rooms, bathrooms or in the rooms inside the apartment (eg towels, shower towel etc.). The change of linen (which you find clean at the beginning of your stay) takes place once a week for the sheets (or anyway at each customer change) and alternate days for towels. During the stay the bedrooms and bathrooms are cleaned every day from 08.00 to 11.00, so we ask our kind guests to leave the rooms free within this time; otherwise, if occupied at this time, cleaning will be done the following day. Keep all environments clean and tidy. Take care to unplug the magnetic card that in any case you will need to access the pool. Breakfast will be served on the ground floor next to the reception from 8.00 to 10.00. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IN ANY WAY OF THE OBJECTS OF YOUR PROPERTY LEAVED UNATTENDED IN THE ROOMS so please do not leave valuables unattended inside them. Do not dispose of substances other than those for which it was designed in the WC. Do not clog the toilet with diapers, paper or other bulky material. Use the appropriate bins. The costs for a possible purging will be charged to the customer. No pets allowed in the structure.

(Art.5) NUMBER OF PEOPLE In no case is the accommodation allowed to persons exceeding the number fixed in the reservation unless previously agreed. We reserve the right to refuse entry to accommodation if this condition is not observed. Guests can not receive visits from relatives, friends, etc. if not agreed with the owners.

(Article 6) BEHAVIOR IN VILLA It is forbidden to hang beach towels on balconies or windows. Upon your arrival at the facility, we will show you the area where you can hang your beach towels.

(Art.7) ROOM BALANCE The balance of the room must be paid in cash upon arrival. You can also pay by credit card. Attention, Travel Checks and Checks are not accepted. This Regulation is an integral part of the Reservation Form, for everything not explicitly mentioned, reference is made to the regulations in force, to the good taste and common sense of each one in the interest of everyone.

The balance of the room in case of agreements with the management must be paid in cash upon arrival. You can also pay by credit card. Attention, Travel Checks and Checks are not accepted.

You can book the room and pay the total through the secure PAYPAL circuit through an account or credit cards enabled. Beyond this you can make a payment by bank transfer through your bank to be directed to:

IBAN: IT 37 M 01015 85070 000070665887

For long-term reservations make 30% of the total budgeted immediately and 15 days before arrival pay the remaining 70% to confirm booking. For bookings ranging from 1 to 14th day of arrival make the full payment required to confirm the reservation.
Always send an accounting copy to our email address and get in touch by telephone with our staff at the telephone number 392 993 1770.

We inform all customers that canceling the booking 15 before a possible stay will be refunded 70% of the total amount spent while 30% will be retained as a penalty (Both for payments via PayPal – Bank transfer).
For immediate bookings from 1 to 14 days from their stay it will be possible to cancel the reservation but will not be reimbursed the amount spent and will be held 100% as penalty (both for payments via PayPal – Bank transfer).

We inform all our guests that on arrival at the property you must leave a deposit of 100 € to cover possible damage to the rooms, facilities and things. At check-out you will be returned.